Jobs Timer - Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

A service for Access Control and Attendance Tracking that takes advantage of Near Field Communication technology.

How Access Control works with NFC

Access Control System with NFC consists of a web-based software developed by Sinfotech and an Android device equipped with NFC sensor able to identify personnel.

Each employee is assigned a personal card (provided by Sinfotech), which they have to put close to the reader to register entrance and exit. The system keeps track of all entrances and exits and automatically calculates the hours of presence.

Benefits of Jobs Timer

NFC technology offers the opportunity to reduce costs of Access Control, making it affordable to micro, small and medium companies too. Thanks to Jobs Timer, Access Control is no longer for big companies only.

In addition, thanks to NFC cards, it's impossible to duplicate or fake the badge, and new features are available, such as the "remote ingress".

Declinations of Jobs Timer

Access Control via Near Field Communication can be articulated in different versions:

  • corporate access control, with hours calculation and monitoring of entrances;
  • creation of a database of customers, for loyalty rewards;
  • tracking visitors at an event;
  • interaction between real life and social networks.

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