Managerial softwares

Managerial Softwares

Optimize your company's resources.

Managerial softwares allow you to better organize your business operations, optimizing all processes in order to achieve your goals faster.

There are different types of management software. One of the most popular is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a tool that improves the management of relationships with customers in order to easily get access to their data (orders, preferences, contacts, special needs, etc.) and schedule eventual communications and follow up. 

Sinfotech offers comprehensive and customized CRM solutions, which enable companies to:

  • improve customer acquisition activities;
  • better manage timing and methods of interaction with them;
  • ensure the best customer care and the ability to respond to different needs.

CRM also allows you to safely keep a history of all business relationships, in order to highlight critical issues and needs.

Main advantages of a CRM

A CRM allows you to:

  • increase customer loyalty
  • reduce the drop-out rate
  • streamline the search process and contact new customers
  • improve the process of exchange of information between the various departments
  • have a support in decision making process

Which companies need a CRM

CRM is a software aimed particularly at companies with a structured sales force and sales network with complex processes, but it can also be a great help for small and medium-sized companies, the most diverse sectors.

Similarly, managerial softwares bring greater benefit to complex companies but, thanks to scalability and affordable prices, can be adapted to solve problems of smaller businesses.