SSL Certificate - Web Security

Web Security

Developing web services means having to deal also with issues of security: not only guaranteeing online payments, but also protecting sensitive data of users and visitors.

For this reason, we decided to provide our customers the opportunity to purchase SSL certificates, to offer better transparency to visitors and customers of websites, email, apps, and web services in general.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is an encryption tool that provides security in data transmission. A site with SSL certification is recognizable by the https on the left of the domain name and a green padlock displayed by the browser. With best SSL certificates, the browser's address bar is completely green, with the name of the company which owns the website.

An SSL certificate allows to "obscure" a data stream in such a way that, if even an external one achieve to intercept it, it would not be possible to understand the content. This cryptography allows secure communications. So, you can make online payments, but also register on a website or fill out a form with sensitive data, in a completely safe way.

Who needs an SSL certificate?

We see that an SSL certificate can serve to anyone with a website or an application involving the transmission of sensitive data over the Internet. All home-banking services, as well as e-mail services offered by Google or Microsoft are protected by SSL certificates.

No doubt, an SSL certificate is essential for e-commerce sites, to ensure the security of transactions and building confidence in the potential buyer. In general, as we have said, all sites that provide a user registration are recommended to adopt an SSL certificate.

In addition, from August 2014, the https has become a factor of positioning in Google search engine: acquire an SSL certificate, therefore, not only helps you to improve your online presence, but it helps you in being found.

On SSL Certificate, we offer the best SSL certificates issued by major Authority Provider worldwide, such as Symantec, GeoTrust, Comodo, Trustwave.