Start selling online now.

E-commerce is a commercial activity performed via Internet, in general through a website specially built for that.

Thanks to the large spreading of Amazon and eBay, now everyone knows what is an e-commerce site like. However, not everybody knows which are the opportunity offered by e-commerce.

An e-commerce website is a virtual online store, with several advantages in addition:

  • it's always open to public
  • it can potentially contain infinite products
  • everyone in the World with Internet access can visit it and buy your products
  • running costs are lower than a phisical shop
  • customers can compare products and prices in a very easy and practical way
  • purchases and transactions are in real time
  • the search of a product is very fast

Site manager/owner can:

  • change products' availability and features, in real time
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  • manage orders and promotions
  • see customers history and preferences
  • consult customers data for statistical and marketing.

Sinfotech, with its experience, supports companies in builiding a successfully e-commerce.