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RFID.it is our online shop dedicated to the RAIN RFID technology, which uses UHF band. We are partners of Confidex, Impinj and HID Global, which are among the most famous companies in the world for the quality of their products. RFID.it was born with the aim of providing these products at the best price on the market.

Outline of RFID UHF technology

The UHF (Ultra-high frequency) frequencies are those operating in the range between 860 and 960 MHz. RAIN RFID is a global alliance that promotes the universal adoption of RFID UHF technology. The RAIN standard uses the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol which ISO/IEC has standardized as 18000-63. The word RAIN - an acronym derived from RAdio Frequency IdentificatioN - wants to recall the connection between RFID UHF and the Cloud.

The peculiarity of RFID UHF technology is the ability to identify things and people quickly and accurately, through the application of RFID tags. With certain readers, it is also possible to detect the movement of these tags, and determine their position with a certain accuracy.

UHF RFID products

On RFID Trade, you can find the following products:

  • RFID tags and labels
  • RFID industrial tags
  • RFID cards
  • RFID readers, gateways and antennas
  • RFID printers

We recommend, especially for beginners, one of the RFID Starter Packs, made specifically to test different products and select the one that best suits your needs.

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